Transforming traditional retail stores into smart, digitally connected environments

A successful retail experience is unique to your brand, your product, your physical space, and most importantly your customer.
Today’s fast pace technology and innovation demands retailers to become nimble enough to survive.
You need a way to assess the whole picture, learn from it and implement these new insights while change is happening.

Connected Retail Solutions




The Twsyt Smart Bag creates an "easier than internet experience"  and gives your customers their time back. No more lines, no more wait
Knowing what's in a customer's cart  as they shop gives retailers the  opportunty to collect new sources of data giving you deeper insight to the shopper's buying patterns, behavior and journey

The Smart Bag connects online and offline profiles to enable the creation of a personalized in store experience

Consumers want efficient, valuable experiences online and off, that's tailored specifically to their needs, with the brands they love.

Deploying Twyst technology allows the anonymous tracking of shoppers as they move through the store, capturing consumer behavior via data that has never been captured before.
Analytics empowers the retailer to respond dynamically to constantly changing customer behavior.
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The Immersive Retail Experience