Transforming traditional retail stores into smart, digitally connected environments

Twyst's team includes MIT Ph.D.'s and entrepreneurs with deep experience in hardware development, RFID technology, data modeling, machine learning, and software development. We founded the company with the mission to reinvent the in store retail experience by eliminating the checkout line.
The Team
Kevin Schaff, CEO 
  • Experienced innovator and entrepreneur within the software, media and technology spaces
  • Has built, scaled and led the successful exit of three technology companies
  • Mentor at Yale Entrepreneurship Institute
  • Entrepreneur in residence at UWYO

Cooper Rinzler, Entrepreneur and Intellectual Property Expert
  • Holds over 70 patent filings in photonics, energy extraction, materials, and IOT
  • Hertz Fellow at MIT
  • Principal engineer for Foro Energy—a company focused on inventing and commercializing high power laser technology for the energy industry
Hayden Collins, Product Development and Operations 
  • Manages teams to validate solutions through all stages of research, design, development and go-to-market activities
  • Architects new IoT user experiences to ensure successful adoption
  • Domestic and International sourcing and manufacturing
  • Deep experience in supply chain management from manufacture to storefront
  • Compliance, Financial and Administrative Support

Cameron Miner, RFID Expert and Product Development 
  • Extensive experience in invention and product design, ranging from the first prototype of Segway to prosthetics
  • Founder of Fleye, cloud-based RFID video sourcing
  • Led the IBM wearable technology designLab in Almaden
  • Completed his undergrad from MIT and graduate study from Stanford, where he worked with famous research scholars, including Dean Kamen, David Kelley, and Dr. Tom Fogarty

Dan Lawrence, Conductive Materials and RFID Expert 
  • Part of the Auto-ID Center at MIT 
  • Conductive materials expert
  • Deep experience in prototype development and testing 
  • Innovator in high speed, low cost printing to make electronics
Gilman Callsen, Software Engineering
  • Founder of MC10 Inc, developing stretchable electronics for athletic performance monitoring in collaboration with Reebok & others
  • Designed/implemented data-centered enterprise software solutions
  • Yale and the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute graduate
Alejandro Mesa, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning 
  • Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer, Pratt & Whitney
  • Engineered/implemented data-centric software solutions for Fortune 500 companies
  • Columbia MS in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Tournament