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beta TLS Connect: World's Smartest Professional Backpack 

TLS Connect: Technology

It all starts with a list. We all make mental, physical and digital checklists to help us keep track of the essentials of modern life. Whether you're traveling across town to your office or around the world on vacation, chances are you've got more things to carry than you can count on one hand. Smartphone. Tablet. Laptop. Keys. Passport. Medication...and much more. Being without just one of these essentials can put a serious damper on your productivity or well-being. We wondered, what if your backpack could keep track of your belongings?
Enter the TLS Connect. This groundbreaking backpack is fitted with Twyst Smart Bag Tracking Technology that enables users to connect their belongings to the backpack itself. The reader is linked to a smartphone app that registers and stores each device, so the TLS Connect can immediately send a message to the user's smartphone if a registered item is missing or removed. The backpack comes with RFID adhesive tags that can link the backpack to up to 50 unique belongings, via the RFID reader and low-energy Bluetooth signal.

​Worry free travel

Easily create different lists depending on what type of trip you are taking. Then, keep track of your essentialsin the app!

Twyst has partnered with eBags, combining their expertise in a first-of-its kind collaboration. As a leading online retailer of luggage, backpacks and travel accessories, eBags is giving one of their company's best-selling backpacks a high-tech upgrade using Twyst's Smart Bag Tracking Technology. Both companies share an entrpreneurial spirit and a tireless dedication to improving customer experience. Development of TLS Connect technology will be funded  with a Kickstarter campaign. Supporters can donate at a variety of levels. Kickstarter Campaign page
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