Work with us full-time. Continually solve new and unique challenges, and work remotely!


Partner with us. You have a great idea and we have the skills & assets to make it happen.


Collaborate with us. Bring your skills and motivation to a project we're working on.


Twyst was founded based on the motto: "Fun, cool, and with good people." That, as our guiding principle, ensures we:

  1. Pride ourselves on just how fun this work really is and remember to enjoy ourselves
  2. Only work on truly cool projects that push technical boundaries
  3. Ensure we work with good people, which equally applies to our core team and to our partners


Another critical element of our team is to respond to every idea with "Yes, if…" and never with "No, because…". The nature of our work requires a deep commitment to a collaborative work environment and creative thinking in the face of novel challenges.


We are actively seeking highly-skilled candidates for the following positions. If you don't see your position here but feel strongly that we should hear from you - don't hesitate to reach out.


Are you interested in designing and implementing programmatic solutions for applications spanning distributed sensor networks, and everything in-between? Do you believe it is important to understand everything from the database through the API layer? Are you totally jazzed when your whole application is modular and runs as micro-services? This is the job for you.

You’ll be working to design, develop, and implement solutions for real-time, data-heavy, and unique applications. As a software engineer you will work on “everything up to the API” — whether it's database design, architecting application services, or writing application code. The perfect candidate has a strong computer science engineering background, is able to context switch between different aspects of an application, and has the enthusiasm and initiative necessary to work as a core member of Twyst's team.


Are you interested in developing and applying quantitative solutions to support retial decision-making? As a data scientist, you will work as part of our team to support a leading investment services firm as we aim to apply the latest machine learning techniques to support the company’s focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance investments. Whether it's exploratory research, proof of concept and MVP projects, or production-level, real-time algorithms, you are up to the task.  The perfect candidate has a strong quantitative and machine learning background, is able to reduce abstract problems into actionable solutions, and has the enthusiasm and initiative necessary to work as a core member of Twyts's team. 


We build products and work on projects in some of the world's most demanding industries. Twyst Fellows do the same.

  • Applications

Please email your application to and include the following: Personal Statement, Academic CV, 2 Examples of Relevant Work, 1 Letter of Recommendation.

  • Evaluation Criteria

Twyst evaluates applicants based primarily on mathematical and technical fit. Additionally we weigh availability, ability to commit to program requirements, communication skills, and desire to learn.

  • Interviews

After an initial evaluation of your application, you may be invited to a short series of interviews with our core business and technical teams.