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With the increase in fast-moving customer interactions across multiple digital touch points, being able to rapidly adapt to market conditions and changing customer behavior separates the average retailers from the outstanding retailers.

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  • Fast pace technology and innovation demands expertise and solutions.
  • We are pioneers of retail data, delivering data from your in-store network to you and your customers.
  • We collect unique behavioral and environmental data in retail stores to help your business succeed.

With years of data intelligence, we power In-Store Retail IoT

Smart Connected Retail Bag


The Smart Shopping Bag:

  • Detects contents of the bag and creates an "e-basket"
  • Securely transmits "e-basket" to the store associate and consumer app
  • Collects and measures product information and dwell time

Digital Sales Pad


The Sales Associate Digital Sales Pad:

  • Empowers Sales Associate
  • Sell more by leveraging real-time product info
  • Omnichannel access
  • On the spot inventory information
  • Ratings, Reviews & engaging product imagery

Smart Dressing Room/Lift & Leave Counter Top


The Customer's Connected Dressing Room

  • Omnichannel experience-Customer find's item on a store app, selects size and sales associate gets a notification to deliver it to them

What We Do

Collection of insightful data and analytics in real-time across all retail channels to improve sales conversion and customer experience

Machine learning-enabled proprietary cloud platform to allow retailers to make better and faster operational decisions

"Every hour, consumers all over the world are searching, comparing and shopping for their needs, online and in stores. Every consumer, whether on his mobile or walking into a retail store, today expects (almost demands) a seamless, and efficient shopping experience."


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