Why Choose TWYST?

  • Collect New Insights & Customer Buying Data
  • Streamline In-Store Operations
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increased Up Sell/Cross Sell


"Twyst, transforming traditional retail stores into smart, digitally connected environments"


  • Dramatically reduce the time for checkout (average of 6 mins to 30 secs) to virtually eliminate lines or the need to wait.
  • Cross reference in-store data with online behaviors to get a unified view of customer's in-store and online preferences.
  • Provide customer insights to the sales associate to show what's in the Smart bag or Smart dressing room, and make recommendations for ensembles.

Our Core Principles

Passion. Precision. Velocity.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Big Box retailer, Convenience store, Department store or a Single-store establishment, we have solutions that fit your needs. Whether you want to improve customer experience, capture behavioral data, streamline in-store operations, or migrate self checkout into the shopping bag, TWYST will help you find your successful solution.



Having a passion for IoT and revolutionizing the retail industry, Twyst is devoted to providing the highest level of service and quality to our partners.


With the rapid growth of IoT enabled capabilities, creating an in-store digital ecosystem is now possible. We pride ourselves on collecting the most insightful data to execute a successful IoT strategy.



A willingness to rapidly test and iterate in order to find the right mix of solutions and capabilities




Twyst a Disruptive Force in Retail

Retailers that take the lead in this space stand to gain an important advantage in an already competitive environment. Early adopters will be positioned to more quickly deliver IoT-enabled capabilities that can increase revenue, reduce costs and drive a differentiated brand experience.

Easy to Integrate our Drop in System

TWYST provides data and content.

Highest Level of Accuracy

All data captured by TWYST goes through our proprietary data accuracy process ensuring the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Premium Customer Support

TWYST offers customer support to guarantee the highest level of assistance with custom reporting and research requests.

Simple Setup

Our data feed APIs are designed to be easier for your developers to implement and maintain, and our client managers have years of experience to ensure it is quick and simple for your company to get setup.