Twyst In-Store Network

Twyst SaaS / Proprietary cloud-based, AI-powered analytics platform

Monthly subscription fee, charged per store level (varies depending upon the solution /use cases deployed within the store)

Twyst drop-in hardware (IoT-enabled sensors) and software installations 

  • Precision Tracking And Intelligent Behavior Analysis
  • Precise People Counting
  • No Line Checkout
  • Flow and Path Orientation 
  • Suspicious Activity Detection and Lower-Cost Loss Prevention
  • Accurate Real-Time Customer Tracking w/o Privacy Concerns
  • Professional Support for Customization
  • Improve Customer Experience Using Analytics 
  • Dwell and Queuing
  • In-Store Heat map

Learn "where to start" with Twyst Retail IoT to increase sales & reduce costs

 What are your IoT objectives? What are the problems you are trying to solve?

Organize your objectives in terms of operational efficiencies and the customer journey – each of which will yield different starting points and short- and long-term payoffs on how your company should invest in our technology.


 Is your organization ready to test and learn from IoT initiatives?

This includes determining if your digital and core IT capabilities are ready to start testing and researching on IoT initiatives. Once you begin to explore and invest in a few trials, you need to put some deep thought into devising the right IoT strategy that complements your overall marketing strategy.

How will you organize and manage the customer data that is being captured?

 If collected and managed accurately and truly with consumers’ interests in mind, our insightful data can help you unlock real revenue from increasingly loyal customers.


50% of customers avoid a retailer if wait times are longer than five minutes



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