Retail Customer 

Advantage goes to the retailer who does the most with the data to engage the connected customer.  For a connected customer, the retailer can market more directly and personalize the experience.

Recognize and welcome the customer, anticipate the shopping intent, offer a customized promotion, suggest a complementary purchase – all can enhance the customer experience, all can create incentives to purchase, and all can be accomplished electronically or through store staff. Responsiveness, relevance, and authenticity are the names of the game with the connected customer.




  • Market more directly and personalize the experience
  • Understand customer behavior and preferences
  • Track how how many times a particular customer comes back to view the same product
  • Measure path-to-purchase process



Use Cases

Connected Retail Footprint

Retailers can leverage the large amounts of data produced by our In-Store sensor interactions to improve the customer’s in-store experience. Using Twyst technology to track customers’ paths through a store, for example, can help managers improve store layout and merchandise placement strategies.

Deployment of our sensors in clothing stores to track customer movements,  helps managers place premium products in high-traffic areas.

Connected Dressing Room

Twyst technology enables retailers to develop a vastly improved ecosystem that connects physical and digital worlds, allowing bidirectional, real-time interaction with consumers both inside and outside the store.

One way is through our patented technology, which retailers can use to interact directly with customers as they enter the store. Deliver personalized promotions to customers, in the Smart Dressing Room, who  have downloaded the brand’s app.

Connected Shopping Bag

The connected bag experience begins with a customer picking up the bag in the retail store. The bag holds an inner branded bag that the customer will leave the store with. As they shop, they fill the bag with merchandise.

Twyst offers several different options for immediate frictionless checkout using this technology. The shopping container can include baskets, bags, carts, POS countertops, where their are no more cash registers. 



Measure your Customers Path-to-Purchase

Using Twyst Inc.'s patented technology, you will be able to track you customers movement, behavior and preferences all the way through the final purchase.  This gives your retail business all the data needed to improve the customers experience and change customers into raving fans of your brand.