Retail Sales Associate

It’s more important than ever that retail sales associates have instant access to information to enhance the experience and encourage the sale. When nine out of every 10 dollars is still spent inside a physical store, it’s in-store’s best interest to stimulate the sales associate role.  

With millennial shoppers who understand various shopping channels,  store associates must shift their customer service strategy from a traditional sales-driven model to one that’s geared to guarantee a superior customer experience.  The goal is to build long-term customer loyalty by providing real-time, useful knowledge of the customer’s preference matched with the store’s inventory.

  • Accurate price and promotion information with automatic price-matching
  • Real-time inventory visibility in the store
  • Competitive price comparison and up-to-the minute customer reviews
  • Access to detailed product information, related products and warranty data
  • Deliver information to customers, speed up sales and deepen customer loyalty

Shoppers who interact with a sales associate are 43% more likely to purchase a product, and their transactions have 81% more value

Use cases

Better Informed Sales Associate
Prepared for the Knowledgeable Customer


Less Employee Turn Over