What is the AMP?

Simply put the AMP is Twyst's latest RFID technology that turns your space, whether it is you business of your home, in to the most connected and smart environment on the planet.

Thru Twyst's patented technology, the AMP is the worlds best, detailed and accurate note taker.

How Does it all Work?

1.The amp is placed strategicly around your business or home

2. Label with RFID tag any item you want to take notes on

3. Let the AMP take notes

Twyst Notes - Page 1.png

What NOTES does the AMP Deliver?


  • products features

  • products benefits

  • all behavior

  • physical inventory

  • movement

  • customer interaction

  • employee interaction

The AMP takes customer notes on everything they talked about during in store visits.  The AMP will automatically send notes to the customer and send notes to retailer in real time.  The AMP also allows the sales associate to ability to authenticate transactions with customer for a seemless no line check-out!

How does the AMP and Notes help sales associates?

Where do all the NOTES go?

All Notes go to the the cloud database

  • Retailer Cloud Database
    • Allow notes to flow freely between retailer and customer
    • All AMP notes go to retailer database based on RFID interactions
    • Realtime invoicing
    • Most detailed tracking of Customer and Employee Interactions
    • Automatic pdf's summarizing customer's notes during retail store visit (for Retailer)
  • Customer Cloud Database
    • Automatic pdf's sent to customer after visit
    • Details customers interactions
    • Gives customer recommendations on products viewed during visit
    • Gives customer recmmendations on future products and services.
  • Artificial Intellegence
    • Create smart notes that will write themselves - starts to think for retailer
    • Provides recommendations for future purchases
    • Intelligent analysis of habits
    • Algorithims for trends and behavior for customers and retialers alike!